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A quick guide to how to do the corner details of your Scyon Linea weatherboard build or renovation.


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Scyon Linea Weatherboard Corner Options.

It's the details that distinguish a beautiful contemporary Hampton's house from a standard weatherboard house.

Weatherboard Hamptons Home Details
This Hampton's style beach house uses Scyon Linea™ 180mm weatherboards painted in a neutral colur with boxed corners. It also features eaves and soffits finished in white HardieGroove™ linings painted in a contrasting white.

Here are a few options on how the Linea weatherboards should meet at corner junctions.

We start with the most time-consuming mitred corners and finish with a neat accessory that speeds up the construction process.

Weatherboard Mitred External Corners

Above: external mitred corners look impressive but they're time-consuming. Not only do you have to get the perfect 45 degree angle cut on each board you have to allow for the angle of the board created by the top board overlapping the one below.

Weatherboard Mitred Internal Corners
Mitred internal corners are also complicated. And if you've got a mitred corner at each end of a board, the length has to be millimeter perfect too.

Weatherboard external corner aluminium corner soaker

For external corners there is a cheat to get a mitred joint look without the precision cuts. That is to use the Linea Aluminium Corner Soaker accessory (Product code 305572).

Above: the corner soaker accessory is only for right angles. So if you have a shallow angle like this one you have to persist with a mitred joint.

Weatherboard corner using Axent Trim or wood
For a traditonal square boxed corner you can use two pieces of Scyon™ Axent™ trim (45 x 19 mm profile and 89 x 38 mm profile). In the example above Scyon Axon wood grain cladding is used which runs behind the trim. The Linea weatherboards would butt up to the Axent Trim instead.

Linea Weatherboard Aluminium External Slimline Box Corner

The fastest way to do an external weatherboard corner is to use a Scyon Linea  Aluminium External Slimline Boxed Corner (Product code 305512). It has a slight lip which hides the end of the boards so you don't really notice the way the boards butt to the box corner. The cuts don't have to be perfect and the finish will still look neat.

Once  you've decided on your corners you can decide on your weatherboard paint colours.