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Essential Tips for Designing Your Dream Coastal Home

Whether you're building a home away from home or looking for a  permanent sea-change, here is the utlimate guide to creating a home that reflects your coastal lifestyle.

Bringing the Outdoors in: How to Install External Cladding Indoors

Cladding isn’t just for the façade of your home anymore, many of Australia’s leading architects and designers are using the material indoors.

Talented Textures: Four Ways to Bring Texture into the Home

Texture can bring an interior to life; igniting warmth and delivering depth to space. Find out how to make the most of texture in your home.

Building Your Coastal Home: Choosing the Right Materials

Are you planning a sea change? We chatted to expert architect Rebekah Hurworth about the best materials for building your coastal home. 

5 Pro Builder’s Tips for Renovating You Home

Reality TV renovators make it look swift and painless, but for most of us, renovating is far from simple or glamorous. Here are some tips from the experts to up your odds of making your home makeover a success.

Innovating the Australian Dream: Designing Small Lot Homes

Who says you can't have it all? These 3 trends for small lot homes prove that Australians will able to build the home of their dreams without compromising on style or benefits. 

Get the Hamptons look with Amity Dry, winner of The Block All Stars

Amity Dry and her husband Phil know how to wield a hammer just as well as paintbrush, and their latest project is no exception to their renovation prowess. We chatted to Amity about her Hamptons-style home and what she loves about most about...

How to Pick the Perfect Shade of White Paint

White is the ultimate blank canvas. Aesthetically, the colour echoes elegance and simplicity; both of which can be translated within a contemporary or traditional setting. Here is the ultimate guide to choosing the right white for your home.

Turning things outside in

Cladding has been hailed as one of the top construction and design trends for 2016, being adapted to both a coastal and industrial aesthetics. Traditionally an external wall material, cladding being used as an interior feature is a design trend on the rise. We chatted...

7 steps to a successful renovation

Thinking about renovating your home? Before you get handy with the hammer and chainsaw, we spoke to expert Janik Dalecki of Perth's Dalecki Design to find out exactly what you need to consider.