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Insure your home against the summer heat

Sweltering through 2017? Here are five ways to ensure your property is well primed for the warmer weather.


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5 Ways to Prime Your Home for Summer

It’s summer – the season of bushfires, floods and more than a few days when it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the footpath. As Aussies continue to swelter their way through the heatwaves of 2017, it can pay to prepare our homes, as well as ourselves, for the worst that summer has to throw at us.

Here are some ways to ensure your property is well primed for the warmer weather.

Up on the roof

Been on the roof lately to check your gutters are free of leaves before the next storm strikes? If not, it may be time to pull out the ladder and hose and start clearing, or call in a professional to do the dirty work for you. Clogged gutters can create a host of problems for home owners. A build-up of leaf litter is a fire hazard in hot dry weather while blockages caused by leaves can mean water ends up channelled into the ceiling, rather than the downpipes, during a serious downpour.

And while you’re on the roof, why not check for tiles which are cracked or loose, so they can be repaired or replaced before, not after, trouble strikes?

Paint pots to the ready

Sub-tropical summer can be hard on a home’s exterior and, for many of us, re-painting timber walls can be a chore that comes round all too frequently. Not so much for home-owners whose properties feature external facades from the Scyon Walls Linea™ range of concrete based cladding.

The material provides a similar look and finish to timber weatherboards but is not prone to shrinkage or swelling. This means it holds paint longer than wood and requires less frequent maintenance.

Scyon Linea was painted in a Spanish Olive to give this Hamptons home a modern Australian twist. The fibre cement boards are resistant to swelling and cracking which means they hold paint longer than wood.

Air conditioner overhaul

Couldn’t live through summer without an air conditioner or several? Join the club. The past two decades have seen them morph from luxury item into necessity, in millions of homes around the country. Check yours are operating at their peak by making sure filters are clean and the space around external condenser units is clear, so air flow is not impeded.

Tidy the yard

Have your garden in apple pie order, or have trees and bushes been left to go wild in the warmer weather? If so, it may be time to pencil in a seasonal tidy up. Keeping hedges trimmed and branches that could pose a danger chopped back can limit Mother Nature’s ability to cause havoc around the home during the storm season, as can securing loose items such as toys, plant pots and garden furniture.

All hands on deck

Al fresco entertaining is part and parcel of summer and it’s important to ensure the back deck is protected regularly against the elements.  If yours is a HardieDeck™, you can skip the task of sweating it out with the rollers and wood stain every few months.

A fibre cement based, durable timber alternative, HardieDeck is termite and moisture resistant and doesn’t rot or require regular maintenance.

It comes in a variety of finishes and can be painted to complement a home’s external colour scheme, or stained in timber finish for a traditional look.

This HardieDeck by Three Birds Renovations is a modern outdoor extension of the home.

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