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Matrix cladding

Explore the possibilities of colour and geometric pattern with Matrix cladding panels.

Get that commercial, urban look without the price tag.

Feel the freedom and create your own clean, contemporary and commercial design.

If you get your design inspiration from the modern, high-end apartment, office and retail complexes of urban landscapes, then Matrix is for you. Just by adding a Matrix feature wall or architectural highlight to your home, you can transform even the most traditional design into something unique and eye-catching. Or use Matrix as your primary building material to create a bold and industrial look throughout. 

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Ideal for premium architectural builds and affordable design features

Equally suited to detached homes and multi-dwelling projects, Matrix has all the same applications as the rest of the Scyon range - ground level extensions, upper storey additions and full building wraps. But using Matrix to create and highlight design features doesn't stop there. It works beautifully to add visual impact to ceilings, internal and external feature walls and key architectural features like cantilevers.

With it's urban, modern feel, you'll find Matrix on the walls of many residential developments including townhouses and modern terraces.

Above: Matrix panels used in square layouts for distinctive architectural features.

Three choices and unlimited options for your walls

When considering your options with Matrix, there are three main ideas to play with.

  • Panel layout. Will you go with a vertical, horizontal, brick pattern, symmetrical, asymmetrical or choose different patterns for different walls for more contrast and interest? Get inspiration from striking patterns and layouts in the floors, walls and ceilings of buildings around you.   
  • Colour pallette. Choose shades or contrasting colours to suit your style. From neutral to classic, bright to bold, choose a paint colour that is right for you.
  • Joint colour. Add definition and depth to your panels with a highlight colour for the 10mm express joints. You can paint them in a slightly different colour for a 3D effect or use a constrasting colour or black for sharp lines.

Clever features of Matrix cladding

  • 8mm thick for fast installation with nails.
  • No need for a steel top hat (like similar commercial systems).
  • A 10mm packer to make the express joint easy and uniform.
  • Pre-sanded and pre-primed for a fast, professional finish.
  • Scyon Advanced Cement Composite cavity trim.
  • Resistant to termites, fire and damage from moisture.

Installing Matrix Cladding

Scyon Matrix panels are 8mm thick cement composite sheets, sealed on all sides, sanded smooth and pre-primed for a high quality finish.  They're installed on Scyon cavity trim, fixed in place easily by gun nailing. 10mm wide uniform joints are created Matrix backing strips.

Choose from a flexible range of Matrix panel sizes to suit your wall and window size.

Scyon Matrix sheet sizes:​
2390 L x 590 W mm (code 403810)
1190 L x  1190 W mm (code 403811)
1790 L x 890 W mm (code 403812)
2990 L x 1190 W mm (code 404169)

Scyon Matrix cavity trim size: 2450 L x 70 W x 19 D mm (code 403840).

Scyon Matrix backing strip lengths: 1190mm (code 305557), 2390mm (305558) and 2990 mm (code 305559).

Matrix Mass: 12.5 kg/m2

For bushfire prone areas: the Matrix Cladding System BAL Rating is up to BAL 29.

Matrix enhances energy efficiency: when Matrix cladding is used with the right insulation, and in accordance with the standard installation instructions, an R-Value of up to 3.3 can be achieved for the wall.

To help with Matrix design layout here is a representation of the sheet sizes.

See this product in action

Matrix cladding

Explore the possibilities of colour and geometric pattern with Matrix cladding panels.


  • All variations
  • Vertical Panel Layout
  • Horizontal Panel Layout
  • Brick Panel Layout
  • Square Panel Layout


  • All sizes
  • 1190 x 1190 x 8
  • 1790 x 890 x 8
  • 2390 x 590 x 8
  • 2990 x 1190 x 8

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