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Linea weatherboard

A low-maintenance weatherboard for contemporary Australian houses.

There's no thicker cement composite weatherboard.

For Beach houses, country cottages and modern masterpieces.

With ScyonTM  LineaTM your home can have all the distinctive features and charm of weatherboard without the maintenance needed for traditional timber. The boards are pre-primed to hold paint longer so you can take your pick of exterior finishes, including modern suitable dark paint colours. Not only will the boards resist flaking from shrinking or swelling, they're also resistant to termites, fire and moisture damage.

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Weatherboard without the hassle

For years, timber has been the only option for bringing the classic style of a weatherboard finish to your home. To keep it looking at it's best, you'd find yourself back up a ladder year in, year out, painting one external wall at a time and enjoying a rest in year five before starting all over again. A labour of love that you can now do without, thanks to Scyon advanced cement composite technology.

The Dream Home look

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Choose your look - classic or modern

From Queenslanders to workers' cottages, Australia's love affair with weatherboard can be seen in many of our historic building designs. An obvious choice for restoring older buildings, the clean horizontal lines of weatherboard also work beautifully with the expansive surfaces and spaces of contemporary architecture.  

Whether you're creating a traditional finish for a brand new hamptons style home, or adding charm to your street facade, Linea is an easy, durable way to get that weatherboard look. It's the perfect solution for renovating old weatherboard and fibro homes, keeping the flavour of the original building with all the benefits of a modern finish. Colourful feature walls, cladding for additions and renovations, Linea can work just as well with a modern design or a classically styled home.  

It's hard to go past a classic white for your weatherboard walls. But if you're craving a darker, more modern colour scheme, the heat resistant qualities of Scyon Linea are ideal. You won't need to worry about your dark and striking facade flaking away, because our boards won't shrink, crack or swell like wood does. 

Linea weatherboard slimline aluminium box corner image

Paint colours and corner details

Once you've decided on Scyon Linea weatherboards you can look at the details to make them a beautiful feature of your house.

Clever features of Scyon Linea weatherboards.

  • 16mm thick for deep shadow lines.
  • Gun-nailable for fast installation.
  • Tongue and groove ends for neat butt joints.
  • Bevelled back to sit flush with studs.
  • 25 year warranty.
  • Made from Scyon Advanced Cement Composite.

Installing Linea weatherboards.

Linea board sizes:
Linea 150mm: 4200x150x16 mm (code 403930)
Linea 180mm: 4200x150x16 mm (code 403912)

Linea coverage:
150mm Linea - 120mm effective cover - 8.3 planks per meter of height.
180mm Linea - 150mm effective cover - 6.7 planks per meter of height.

Linea Mass: 21.1 kg/m2

For bushfire prone areas: the Linea weatherboard BAL Rating is up to BAL 40.

Linea Energy Efficiency: Linea weatherboards can achieve high R-Values for your Scyon wall due to the overlapping nature of the cladding. When Linea cladding is uesd with the right insulation, and in accordance with the standard installation instrucions, an R-Value of up to 3.0 can be achieved for the wall.

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Linea weatherboard

A low-maintenance weatherboard for contemporary Australian houses.


  • All variations
  • 150mm Wide
  • 180mm Wide


  • All sizes
  • 150 x 4200 x 16
  • 180 x 4200 x 16

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