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Horizontal Cladding Range

For relaxed and balanced walls.

Horizontal lines are hallmarks of modern design and create a feeling of relaxation and steadiness. Use them to make walls and rooms appear wider, and for a look that's eye-catching, consistent and clean. 

Vertical Cladding Range

For dynamic and detailed walls.

Vertical lines lift the eye and the mind, creating a feeling of strength, stability and refinement. Use them to make roof lines appear higher or to add sophisticated detail and interest to plain walls.  

Panel Cladding Range

For bold and modern walls.

Panels can be used to create order or disorder, depending on your choice of colour and pattern. Create a cool, uniform commercial look, or use panels for bold, eye-catching designs.


For charming classic walls.

Becoming more and more popular in modern Australian architecture, weatherboards offer timeless charm and give homes a feeling of comfort. They're ideal for beach houses, Hamptons style homes and even modern townhouses and terraces. 


Ideal for tiling over timber joists.

Scyon Secura Interior and Exterior Floors provide a robust and moisture damage-resistant foundation to extend the life of floor coverings in and around your home.

Window Trims and Corner Details

Finishing touches that last.

Axent trim is used for window surrounds and as a junction for cladding on external corners. Made from durable Scyon it won't suffer wear and tear like wood trim does.