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Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding
What is it?

An exterior cladding system with a geometric,expressed joint look. Fast and simple to install, Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding is the commercial look without the commercial price tag.

Where do you use it?

In residential and medium-density applications wherever a modern design is required, including external walls in composite construction, upper-storey and ground-level extensions, and internal feature walls.

What are the key benefits?

Simple to install. Instead of needing the steel top hats associated with many commercial systems, Matrix cladding sheets are installed with Scyon™ cavity trim battens. The expressed joint is created easily using a 10mm packer. Sheets are sanded smooth and pre-primed for fast paint application and a high-quality finish.



Design options. Square and rectangular panels with an expressed joint mean a variety of looks can be created, from horizontal and vertical stripes to geometric patterns. Sanded sheets give a flat, smooth finish and digital printing can add even more design options. Matrix cladding’s resistance to cracking, warping and swelling * means it can be painted both dark and light colours. The option ofbrad nailing minimises visual interruption. Matrix™ cladding may be specified for timber-framed or steel-framed structures.



Durability. The Matrix cladding panels are sealed on all sides for durability and stability, and the product has a 10-year product warranty when installed and maintained correctly.



Enhances energy efficiency. When Matrix cladding is used with the right insulation (and in accordance with James Hardie’s Wall System Thermal Performance Total R-Values Technical Supplement), an R-value of up to 3.4 can be achieved for the wall. The ability to use a cavity construction system adds to energy efficiency and helps moisture management.





* When installed and maintained correctly.

Australian Patent No. AU2010100532 titled Expressed Joint Facade System, owned by James Hardie Technology Ltd, published on June 24, 2010


2,990 x 1,190 x 8mm
2,390 x 590 x 8mm
1,190 x 1,190 x 8mm
1,790 x 890 x 8mm

Accessories for Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding


Scyon™ Cavity Trim

19mm thick x 70 wide Scyon™ cavity trim installed vertically over vapour permeable membrane. Matrix panels are glued and nailed or screwed to the Scyon™ cavity trim.


Required accessory supplied by James Hardie


JH backing strips

0.55mm BMT black high-tensile roll formed steel with pre-formed stop for creating horizontal expressed panel joints. Either can be fixed using double sided tape or James Hardie joint sealant.

Required accessory supplied by James Hardie


James Hardie base coat

Water resistant jointing system used to flush finish over epoxy when countersinking fasteners.

Required accessory supplied by James Hardie


James Hardie™ Facade Washers

Façade washers used for exposed fastener fixing with ExoTec® façade panel and fixing system and Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding.

SAP: 305565  Selling Unit: 1000 per bag


James Hardie™ 18mm PVC Cavity Vent Strip

A perforated PVC extrusion used at the bottom of walls behind Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding.

Length: 3,000mm  SAP: 305555  Selling Unit: 25 per pack


C25 Stainless steel brad nails

C25 304 stainless steel brad-head nails used with James Hardie joint sealant for fixing Matrix panels to the Scyon™ cavity trims.

Required accessory NOT supplied by James Hardie


James Hardie® joint sealant

Paintable polyurethane sealant.

Required accessory supplied by James Hardie


HardieBlade™ Saw Blade

A poly-diamond blade for fast and clean cutting of James Hardie fibre cement

Length: 185mm  SAP: 300660  Selling Unit: 1 each
Length: 254mm  SAP: 303375  Selling Unit: 1 each


Vapour permeable membrane

Must have the following properties in accordance with AS/NZS 4200.1:
Vapour barrier - low or medium
Water barrier – high


Vacuum extraction with HEPA filter

Used with HEPA filter and paper bag for reduced dust exposure.

Required accessory NOT supplied by James Hardie


Circular Saw

Dust reducing circular saw used with HardieBlade™ saw blade.

Makita: 5057KB
Hitachi: C7YA


Finishing nailer

Gas or pneumatic finishing nailer for fixing Matrix panels using the stainless steel brad nails.

Required accessory NOT supplied by James Hardie


6mm Masonary drill

Provides a 6.2 to 6.3mm diameter hole. Used to pre-drill clearance holes for fasteners.

Required accessory NOT supplied by James Hardie


Ringshank gun nail

2.8mm x 65mm long nail used to fix Scyon cavity trim to timber stud.

Required accessory NOT supplied by James Hardie


Pan head fasteners

8-15 x 25mm pan head type 17 screws (class 3 minimum). For exposed head fixing.

Required accessory NOT supplied by James Hardie


Countersunk screws

8-10 x 25 class 3 galvanised countersunk needle point chipboard screws.

Required accessory NOT supplied by James Hardie


Epoxy flush sealing (2 part)

Countersunk head screws are flushed sealed using megapoxy P1 or Hilti CA125. Where the temperature is 15º use Hilti CA273.

Required accessory NOT supplied by James Hardie


3M HIPA clean 300 adhesive cleaner

For cleaning back of panel prior to application of JH backing strip using the adhesive tape.

Required accessory NOT supplied by James Hardie


HardieDrive™ Screw 40mm

A class 3 self-tapping wing-tipped screw for fastening to 0.8mm to 1.6mm BMT lightgauge steel frames.

Length: 40mm  SAP: 305533  Selling Unit: 500 per box

FAQ for Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding

Can Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding achieve a vertical, horizontal and off set pattern appearance?

Yes. Please refer to the current Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding Installation Instructions for further details.

Can Matrix™ panels be installed without the Scyon™ Cavity Trim?

No. The Matrix™ panels are sealed around all six sides therefore the Matrix panels require a cavity. Also Matrix™ panels have only been designed and tested when installed onto the Scyon™ Cavity Trim.

Can Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding be fixed with a nail gun?

Yes. C25 16 gauge 304 stainless steel Brad nail may be used with a suitable gun nailer.
Note: High wind area restrictions do apply.

For more information, please refer to the current Scyon™ Matrix™ Cladding Installation Instructions.