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7 ways our great Aussie landscape can inspire your colour scheme

by Avalon Pover-Leong

An organic palette that is true to the Australian landscape can have a stunning effect on your interior

If you are looking for a way to bring colour into your space, a great way to start is by reflecting on your landscape and introducing a local or distant colour scheme for a beautiful flowing effect. Immersing yourself in a space with a colour palette that resonates with you will create a positive atmosphere. With the warmer season approaching, there’s no better time than now to get outdoors and start gathering inspiration from what is around you. This vivid guide will take you through some examples of native Australian colours, and how to introduce them into your interior with downright stunning results.

The Australian landscape boasts a sensational array of colours. From the brilliant blues along the coast and across the skies, to the rich oranges of the desert, and the greens in our eucalyptus trees, our local landscape can be a wonderful place to inspire the colour palette of your home.

If you want to bring colour into your interior, looking at nature is a refreshing and reliable way to be inspired. As design commentator John Eussen taught me, “Nature doesn’t lie.”

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1. Choose an inspiring local or distant landscape

Whether you want to reflect your local surroundings or be inspired by a place you love in a different location, nature has a way of getting proportion and colour very right. This New York apartment by Nexus Designs was inspired by the Blue Mountains. They have applied the beautiful and rich indigo and purple tones of the area to the interior through furnishings and artwork.

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2. Apply highlight colours

Introducing colour through furniture and accessories means you can mix up your schemes regularly. You can have fun and be playful, changing things around whenever you please. The pops of azure and coral conjure some of our more tropical regions, and bring an exciting and personal edge to this space.

Orange is also seen in our soil and rocks, and emits a glowing presence of strength and stability when used well. A brilliant blaze of orange has been applied to this feature wall. Its bold presence adds volume and works as a striking contrast against the blue skies above.

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Mix and match different shades for a refreshing look. Beware of painting an entire wall in certain bright blues as this has the potential to date. Although, if you get the tone right, the risk can be well worth it. These tiles are a nice alternative as they add texture and have a three-way shade.

3. Pick a pattern

Once you have selected some bright or contrasting colours, try applying some texture and interest through pattern. The three colours used here work well together as they have been broken up with plenty of white in their patterns.

Have some fun mixing colours and pattern. Welcome in the liveliness of Australian summers with electric blues, vivacious oranges and rays of yellow for a visual feast.

4. Bring in the bush

Our bushland is a canvas of greens and browns that have a homely and authentic feel to them. This interior has framed the bushy view and then used a complementary colour scheme of neutrals, blacks and whites to create a more seamless feel between inside and out.

When working with the greens found in the bushland, try adding some copper, as it has a warm base colour that works well with these greens, and will also add a more luxurious feel to your interior.

5. Try a subtle colour scheme

If you’re less inclined towards a bold colour scheme, there’s still plenty of inspiration to be found. Take a milky cool grey and combine it with an olive or khaki green as seen in the Eucalyptus caesia 'Silver Princess'. Soft on the eye, the result is a subdued and restful atmosphere. To complement these colours, choose stainless steel, silver or mirrored finishes, as this will also add a lustrous accent.

6. Go wild and woolly

Mimic the natural formations of our bushland in the textures of your soft furnishings. Cast woollen throws across your lounge or introduce sisal flooring for an evocative quality.

7. Explore materiality

To incorporate the authentic feeling of the Australian landscape, look into locally sourced timbers. Timber looks beautiful against the coolness of unpolished concrete.