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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scyon™ made from?

Scyon is made from a low-density mix of sand (locally sourced), portland cement and cellulose (wood pulp) along with some trade secret ceramic density modifiers specifically designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Can I use cladding instead of render over brickwork?

Yes you can, typically you would install a Timber / Steel Batten (exactly like House Framing) over the brickwork, a vapour permeable membrane (VPM) is the applied followed by your choice of Scyon™ cladding.

Can Scyon cladding be installed on a wall in bushfire prone areas?

Yes. All our Scyon™ products are fibre cement which is “deemed non-combustible” under Australia’s National Construction Code and suitable for even the highest bushfire attack levels.

For Wall Applications in:
Bal FZ (Flame Zone) – A fire rated wall needs to be detailed, ask us about this further.
Bal 40 – Axon™ cladding, Stria™ cladding and Linea™ weatherboards can be used.
Bal 12.5 to Bal 29 – Any Scyon cladding can be used, find the right cladding for you.

For Eaves, Soffit and Ceiling Applications most of our cladding can be used, ask us about this further.

Can Scyon be used in a Fire Rated Wall?

Yes. Scyon can be used in a Fire Rated Wall. Whether it’s a 60/60/60, 90/90/90 and 120/120/120 we have the solution for you. Contact us for more information.

Is Scyon resistant to Termites, Fire and Damage from Moisture?

Yes, due to its fibre cement nature it is resistant to termites*, fire and damage from moisture. Read on here.

Can I stain Scyon products?

Yes, Usually a timber grained product such as Axon™ 133mm Grained cladding would be used and stained.

What colour does Scyon come in?

Scyon comes pre-primed which means you can paint it any colour, this ensures that every inch of your wall in protected from the harsh Australian Climate. Check out the most popular cladding and weatherboard paint colours Scyon has been painted in.

Can I install Scyon in an Eaves, Soffit and Ceiling application?

Yes, Axon™ cladding, Stria™ cladding and Matrix™ cladding can be used as a ceiling lining.

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