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Renovations That Encourage Outdoor Living

Two modern Australian homes featuring high stunning roof overhangs and lovely outdoor dining areas.

Project Overview

Indoor-outdoor living, clean lines and a mix of Scyon walls.

Lighter-weight construction and indoor-outdoor living were the signature elements of two homes designed by one Western Australian architect.

North-facing homes soak up the sun and call for as much access to the outdoors as possible. These two modern home renovations made the most of their orientation and design to maximise a connection between the indoors and outdoors.

Nullaki Peninsula Home Renovation

Architect Terry Hodges, from West Coast Designs,  knew he had a great site with the location of one of his client’s homes on the Nullaki Peninsula, overlooking the Wilson Inlet near the Western Australian town of Denmark (just west of Albany).

“This block on the Nullaki was a perfect set up,” Hodges says. “It was large and just about every single major room could face north, where the views to Wilson Inlet are.”

“It’s such an easy setup when you’ve got a block like that, because you can have major areas of glass on the north and (design) a long, narrow building to minimise the glazing to the south,” says Hodges.

Hodges’ plan did exactly that, with large panels of glazing and sliding glass doors out to the deck. He also created a sizeable overhang on the north side of the house to keep out the hot summer sun and let in the lower-angle winter sun.

Hodges chose Scyon™ Matrix™ and Scyon™ Stria™ to convey the contemporary look his client was after.

He explained that Stria™ was a good alternative to weatherboard cladding, which his client did not like the look of. 

Above: Stria™ cladding in the foreground and Matrix™ in a vertical layout in the background.

“Stria cladding was a great compromise, because it’s in one flat plane and it’s got the horizontal lines,” he says.

“So we used it as a contrast against the area where we used the Matrix cladding.”

Together the two created a visual contrast, with a variety of sizes of Matrix complementing the consistent lines of Stria.

Above: Matrix™ cladding surrounds the garage and complements the style of garage door.

Dunsborough Home Renovation

Another of Hodges’ projects in Western Australia, this contemporary family home at Dunsborough, 250km south of Perth, also used Matrix and Stria to create a modern look and indoor-outdoor living.

His client was a local friend, whose builder had put together plans to erect a project home on the site. Unfortunately it had not taken account of the site’s aesthetics and would have involved removing one of the most beautiful trees on the block.

“This was just a lost opportunity because there was this gnarly old peppermint tree out the back on the corner block, which was a bit tricky admittedly, but the (project home) plan meant that this tree would have been pulled down,” says Hodges

Above: The rear of the house is cladded in Stria™. Imagine tyring to do these overhangs in masonry!

“So the builder approached me and said: ‘We can do a framed house using the Scyon range of products’,” he says.

And that’s what they did. Hodges designed the house over a slab and made the most of the land, including the tree, which has pride of place in the garden.

Lightweight building materials played a big role in the build.

Above: The clean geometric shapes created by the Matrix™ panel express joints.

“We deliberately set out to do something with the Scyon™ range of products because we wanted the house to be pretty minimal, with modern, clean lines,” says Hodges.

“The builder was keen to keep bricklayers off the site and, around these parts, there are a lot of really good carpenters, (so) he decided from the outset that he wanted a big carpentry camp with a lightweight frame construction,” he says.

Hodges says he also chose Matrix™ and Stria™ cladding to give the house a “harmonious” feel.

Connecting the indoors and outdoors was also important and large sliding doors were installed to give easy access to the back deck.

As in the Nullaki Peninsula house, Hodges also included an undercover area and substantial overhangs to give shade in the summer, while allowing the lower winter sun into the house.

The larger rectangular shapes of the Matrix™ cladding complemented the straight, uniform lines of the Stria™ cladding.

Hodges says the owner was delighted with the result: “He loves how the house works for entertaining and (that) there’s a really good separation between the teenage kids’ bedrooms and the living areas, so everyone can live harmoniously without getting on each other’s nerves.”

Above: Stria™ cladding in white, a grey feature wall and some wood tones to add warmth, typical of Australian modern design.

Nullaki Peninsula House

Architect: Terry Hodges, West Coast Designs www.westcoastdesigns.com.au
Home style: Modern
Photographer: Mark Cooper
Featured Products: Scyon Matrix™ and Scyon Stria™ Cladding


Dunsborough House

Architect: Terry Hodges, West Coast Designs 
Builder: Drew Quartermain, Quaine Constructions
Rooms: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 garage spaces, a large store room
Roof material: Colorbond® Trimdek
Roof type: Pitched, Skillion (7 degrees), Flat (3 degrees)
Home style: Contemporary
Home size: house – 252m2; garage & store – 48m2; alfresco, verandah & porch - 56m2.
Land size: 768m2
Photographer: Mark Cooper
Featured Products: Scyon Matrix™ and Scyon Stria™ Cladding

Scyon Products Used