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Award Winning 9 Star Energy Rated Home

North Queensland home ‘The Kai’, has won a number of industry awards, most recently the GreenSmart Display Home of the Year Award. The house’s overall modern look was realised by incorporating many different materials and design ideas, along with a thoughtful and knowledgeable approach to home design and sustainability.

Location: North Queensland, QLD

Style: Modern

Not only do Scyon Walls contribute to the energy efficiency, they also help achieve the contemporary look and feel of this house by using a combination of different cladding styles.

Project Overview

Cairns-based Kenick Constructions achieved a 9-star energy rating with smart design and a well-considered selection of materials.  The Kai is a passive design, which takes into account the orientation of the house to take advantage of the position of the sun as it rises and sets, helping to heat the right areas in the home at the right time.  

Large eave overhangs keep the sun off the walls and the cross flow ventilation allows the breeze to move through the home, providing a more natural way of keeping it cool in summer.  Heat transfer through walls has been minimised by using reflective foil and a fibre-cement based cladding, in addition to R2.0 wall insulation.

“We are proud that Scyon Walls are featured on this award-winning Display Home,” said Jared Lacco from James Hardie.  “Not only do Scyon Walls contribute to the energy efficiency, they also help achieve the contemporary look and feel of this house by using a combination of different cladding styles.”

Two Scyon products have been featured on The Kai – Linea™ weatherboards were chosen for a contemporary “Queenslander” weatherboard look with the smooth, thick boards creating deep shadow lines.  To create a modern look, Stria™ Splayed cladding was used for some design variation; it doesn’t overlap like a weatherboard, however, the horizontal splayed edge gives it a similar look.

James Hardie’s Easylap cladding was also used to give some of the walls the appearance of rendered masonry and are simply coasted in a textured acrylic paint.

“We opted for Scyon products as they offer a wide range of looks, from traditional to contemporary styles, which achieve some unique façade looks,” said Rachel Whymark from Kenick Constructions.  “They also offer practical and cost effective cladding solutions that stand up to North Queensland’s harsh tropical environment.”

North Queensland homes have the added concern of ensuring that they are cyclone proof and the standard cyclone-proof masonry block construction heats up the walls, resulting in air-conditioners working harder to keep the inside cool.  Scyon Walls help to increase a home’s energy efficiency by allowing cavity insulation, while maintaining its cyclone- proof status with measures such as cyclone rods.

Scyon Walls are ideal for creating striking architectural features like floating walls, overhangs, outdoor living areas and protective cantilevers.  There are four different styles to choose from and variations within each style.

HIA GreenSmart Awards recognise the best in environmentally-responsible housing from around Australia.  “We appreciate James Hardie’s commitment to sustainable practices,” said Rachel.  “They were the first Australian fibre-cement manufacturer with GECA certified products.”

Awards won by ‘The Kai’ and Kenick Constructions:

  • HIA GreenSmart Home of the Year 2015 - National
  • HIA GreenSmart Display Home of the Year 2015 - National
  • Master Builders Best Display home, $351,000-$400,000 2015
  • HIA GreenSmart Energy Efficiency Award
  • HIA Display Home between $300,001-$450,000
  • HIA Display Home of the Year

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