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Scyon walls and floor products are made in Australia and New Zealand by James Hardie. The first Scyon products were launched in 2006.

About Scyon Walls and Floors

ScyonTM is a unique and easy to use range of building products. They're designed and engineered to work beautifully with timber and steel frame home construction. Because our materials are versatile, easy-to-install, cost effective and visually appealing, they're remarkably popular with a growing number of industry professionals and homeowners. 

For Architects and Designers.

Scyon brings more freedom to building design. Being lighter-weight and fixed to frame architects and designers can be more innovative than ever with the built form. They're not restricted by heavy-weight masonry which can demand a high degree of engineering and expense to achieve interesting articulations. Going beyond the form, architects can get even more creative with colours, shadow lines and textures.

For Developers.

Scyon walls deliver a fast way to build and an efficient use of space. When applied to strong design forms, Scyon walls can create aspirational built spaces and lift the quality and visual impact of streetscapes. With the design flexibility and variety of Scyon wall styles and colours, the same floor plans can be used to achieve a range of striking, individual homes.

For Builders and Carpenters.

Working with Scyon makes construction simple. Builders don't have to hire extra trades like brickies and renderers. Scyon walls and floors can be installed by carpenters as the cement-based boards and panels are handled like wood. The panels are cut with an appropriate dust reducing circular saw and fibre cement saw blade and gun or hand nailed onto timber frames, or screwed onto metal ones. There are a range of accessories for constructing corners and windows.

For Home Owners.

As well as delivering visual appeal, Scyon walls and floors are built to last and look good for longer. They're resistant to termites, moisture damage, rot, fire and impacts when installed and maintained correctly. Scyon building products are designed to resist shrinking, swelling and cracking which results in the ability to hold paint longer to minimise ongoing maintenance.

For Australia and New Zealand Manufacturing.

Many manufacturers are leaving Australia and New Zealand. Building products are being imported from countries like China. Scyon walls & floors are benefiting from investtment in Australian manufacturing. This includes the recent expansion of capacity at the manufacturing plant in Carole Park, Brisbane, QLD.

Scyon is made from sand, cement and cellulose.

Scyon is a low-density mix made from sand (locally sourced), portland cement and cellulose (wood pulp) along with some trade secret ceramic density modifiers. 

Scyon is a brand of James Hardie.

The ScyonTM brand is owned by James Hardie Pty Ltd. It was invented in the research and development facility at James Hardie Rosehill, NSW Australia.

Scyon is made Australia and New Zealand.

Manufacturing plant locations:

  • Rosehill, NSW, Australia
  • Carole Park, QLD, Australia
  • Pernose, Auckland, New Zealand